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Our Specialties

Let us cater your next big event! 



Not Just a Deli... We like doing more than make sandwiches. We LOVE smoking meat... Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your masterpiece come off the smoker and plated beautifully in front of our customers. It's a practice that has only made us better and more skillful in our craft. We take pride in the quality of our food and wont rest with having a good meal... We want to hear you say "This is the best I've ever had!" and tell all your friends about us. 



Take a trip back to Grandma's kitchen and relive the taste of 'made from scratch' homemade goodness! Each pie is hand-crafted and made with quality ingredients... The way a pie should be made. We don't stop there! we also make one of the best cheesecakes you'll ever taste, along with an amazing bread pudding! Basically, you'll want to save some room for desert!


Ice Cream

In holding with tradition and maintaining the spirit of the classic soda fountain, we offer a wide variety of phosphates, egg creams, soda concoctions of any kind and a wide assortment of ice cream flavors and mix-ins to make your hot summer afternoon a throwback to childhood. 

Catering & Special Events

Boxed Food

Let us make your next event simple and convenient while also affordable and soooooo delicious. We pride ourselves on fresh and homemade dishes while also making some of your favorite childhood meals. if you have a dish you would like to create for your next event, just reach out to us and let's talk about what kind of creative concepts we can come up with together. 

We can do big or small events from large celebrations of up to 1500 to small intimate gatherings for just two. We want to make the experience as wonderful and memorable as possible so let us provide you a competitive estimate based on your event needs.

Catering Inquiries: (641) 522-3121

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