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The Ol' Days

The Classic Deli & Ice Cream Shoppe is much more than a deli or an ice cream shop. It's a social hub and source for local news. It's one of the corner stones of the community and part of the Brooklyn foundation.

The inspiration for The Classic Deli grew from the desire to recreate the once popular Village Pharmacy, which housed a traditional soda fountain /ice cream shop. It's tough to capture the spirit of an era through mere pictures or artifacts. The subtle details bring nuance to the atmosphere and help transport you to the time when pie made from scratch and hand dipped ice cream and a soda fountain could cure all your ails (the soda fountain history).  

If you've been to The Classic, you know! The atmosphere is rich with history and wonderful curiosities which point to a simpler time.  The architecture and craftsmanship capture the spirit of Brooklyn well and we hope you find The classic just as tranquil as we do.The Town of Brooklyn has a rich history and much to offer when you come to visit. make sure to visit some of the great shops within walking distance from The Classic while you're here. 

We brought back the traditional blue plate specials and offer high quality food, excellent service! Place yourself into this amazing setting and enjoy a meal you wont soon forget. Were confident you'll make Brooklyn a regular stop on your travels across Iowa. 


Here is a small list of shops to see when visiting us... (list coming soon)

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