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The Classic Crew


Baby Dragon

Bailey G.

Bailey, Daughter to Jessica, and a powerhouse in the restaurant game, has been working at The Classic on and off since she was old enough to work. Her stepping up to help her mom in the kitchen and on the floor  has created the wonderful opportunity for mother and daughter to share time and work toward the common goal of making The Classic Deli one of the finest restaurants in Iowa!


Point Man

Madison D.

Madison, Son to Jason, is totally at home in the kitchen, behind the grill, on the floor serving customers or wherever he is.  His natural talent and personality are an incredibly valuable contribution, but the reality that father and son get to spend time together is pretty darn fulfilling! 


Everywhere All The Time

Tasha S.

Tasha has always been in restaurants since she was a small girl. She has worked in about every restaurant for miles around. She is like our daily news feed on the goings on in and around Brooklyn. Tasha has an incredibly strong work ethic and her experience and talents are just a couple of the qualities that make us grateful for her being part of the Classic Crew!


The Wild One

Sherri W.

When Sherry arrived on the scene, we were all in the thick of the pandemic and many people were choosing to stay out of the workplace, and especially restaurant workers. Not Sherry! She jumped right in with mask on and sleeves up! This woman has been and continues to be such a great contribution to the Classic Deli and we hope you find her to be just as wonderful as we do!


The Peaceful One

Rhonda P.

When Rhonda joined The Classic Crew, we were immediately attracted to her ability to keep cool under pressure. She maintains a warm smile and caring nature no matter what. Were very lucky to have her here and we hope you have the opportunity to meet Rhonda on your next visit. 


The New Guy

Grant M.

When you see him you know what to do... Grant has serving and line cook experience and is likely going to outlive the "New Guy" status very quickly. We are excited to have Grant join the team and look forward to seeing him grow with us!


Baby Momma

Jana T.

Jana is our star cook and brings amazing talent and energy to the kitchen. Jana is about to have a baby and that doesn't slow her down one bit! Come check out her culinary talents -We're pretty darn proud of her!


Beard Bandit

Trinity J.

We always love to have Trinity at The Classic helping us. If you get the luxury of having Trinity as your waitress, expect an experience you wont soon forget. 

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